Illustration for article titled Manipulative Stepmom Only Married Dad So She Could Take Care Of Him Into Old Age

PENSACOLA, FL—Milking the aging man for all his love and affection, manipulative stepmother Tracy Duffield, 63, only married local dad Robert Morales, 77, so that she could take care of him as he grows old, sources reported Wednesday. “Ugh, she’s obviously just taking advantage of Dad’s vulnerable state by offering him companionship into his twilight years and, eventually, standing by his side as he slowly declines into senility,” said Duffield’s stepson Ben Morales, who explained that as soon as his father introduced her to the family, he knew she was only in it to cut up his dad’s food for him in the years when he was no longer able, and to one day sit at his bedside reading aloud to the semi-conscious man as he wasted away in hospice. “It’s disgusting the way Tracy lavishes Dad with attention and provides him with all the emotional support he never gets from us. If that bitch thinks she can swoop in and nurture him through an excruciating, drawn-out period of general deterioration and dementia during which he can’t even remember who she is, let alone return her love, she’s got another thing coming.” At press time, Ben insisted Duffield was trying to play his father for a fool by rushing him to the hospital for a life-saving emergency double bypass.