Illustration for article titled Clumsy Stealth Drone Surveilling Taliban Base Flees After Accidentally Knocking Over Potted Plant

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—Completely blowing its cover while trying to gather reconnaissance on the terrorist organization’s activities, a clumsy General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper reportedly fled a Taliban base Thursday after accidentally knocking over a potted plant. Eyewitness accounts confirmed that when the ceramic pot shattered on the concrete floor, the startled unmanned aerial vehicle flew into a nearby alley where it became entangled in several large copper wind chimes. According to U.S. military sources, the bungling drone then bounded onto a busy thoroughfare where it bumped into a parked car and set off its alarm before wildly careening through a group of caterers and plowing into a large wedding cake. Several reports indicated that the pilotless aircraft soon realized that Taliban soldiers were in hot pursuit and attempted to hover perfectly still in an attempt to blend in alongside mannequins in a storefront window. Sources told reporters that once spotted, the klutzy drone darted off, toppling an entire row of motorcycles before finally making a successful escape. At press time, the drone had carefully closed the hangar door before turning around to find itself nose-to-nose with the scowling Air Force base commander.


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