Illustration for article titled Excited Vlad Guerrero Jr. Can’t Believe He Gets To Keep Foul Ball

TAMPA, FL—Expressing glee that he could hold on to the souvenir for himself without fans in attendance, Blue Jays third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. told reporters Friday that he couldn’t believe he got to keep a foul ball. “A free ball—can’t beat that!” said Guerrero, who tossed it up the air to himself in amazement after running down a fly ball along the left field wall. “This is so cool. I always have to toss the ball to some kid, but now they’re all mine. Oh man, I’m probably gonna have a whole box of these by year’s end. Wait till I show all my friends! I’m keeping this one on my nightstand for sure.” At press time, Guererro was waiting patiently outside the Rays bench trying to get third baseman Yandy Diaz to sign his ball.


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