‘We’re Done Here,’ Says Former Commander In Chief

Illustration for article titled Barack Obama Storms Out Of Michelle Obama Podcast Interview After Questions About Administration’s Drone Use


WASHINGTON—Suddenly standing up and ending the interview as the conversation took a more heated turn, former President Barack Obama reportedly stormed out of a taping of The Michelle Obama Podcast Friday after the host continually pressed him on his administration’s drone use policy. “Hey, this is a complete ambush and I don’t have to just sit here and take it,” said the ex-commander in chief, slamming the door of the studio on his way out before returning a few minutes later to continue cussing out Michelle Obama for what he viewed as “unfair ‘gotcha’ questions” about his controversial implementation of over 500 drone strikes during his presidency. “This was supposed to be a nice, low-key chat and you just spring all these accusations on me, none of which were on the pre-approved list of questions. You think this kind of bullshit is how you make a name for yourself in this business? Well guess what, Michelle? You fucked up! Good luck booking any more big-name guests after pissing off the fucking 44th president of the United States.” At press time, a visibly angry Obama was sitting in the car outside the studio, waiting for Michelle to finish so they could drive home together. 


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