New SVEN Initiative To Help Young Girls Become Swedish Scientists Who Ski Snowy Slopes

Illustration for article titled New SVEN Initiative To Help Young Girls Become Swedish Scientists Who Ski Snowy Slopes

STORLIEN, SWEDEN—Stressing the campaign would provide more academic and deep-powder opportunities for female students, the Linköping Project announced their SVEN Initiative Thursday to help young girls become Swedish scientists who ski snowy slopes. “We want to empower women everywhere to realize there is nothing stopping them from joining the field of biotech research or engineering and getting a head of flaxen blonde hair, a fashionable wool Fair Isle sweater, and a minimalist winter château, just like myself,” said Sven Björklund, one of the leaders of the initiative, which will provide girls from the age of 13 to 18 with free access to a complete vinyl collection of ABBA, pastel Klättermusen puffer jackets, and a networking system that would connect them with scientific colleagues named Jans or Otto who can join them for some light après-ski fondue. “Swedish chalets have typically been a very male-dominated space, and changing that all starts with giving girls encouragement to purchase a black turtleneck and a significant amount of pickled herring early in life. Pretty soon, they’ll be throwing back aquavit while belting out a full-throated rendition of ‘Helan Går’ next to a roaring lodge fire.” Björkland also noted that his team based much of their project on Germany’s HAAS Initiative to encourage more boys to become insufferable schnitzel-eating experimental artists who own studios in Berlin.


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