Girlfriend Doing Something With Leaves From Outside

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SAGINAW, MI—Insisting that no one was allowed to touch the small pile of foliage on the dining room table, local girlfriend Michelle Slagle, 27, was doing something with the leaves from outside, sources confirmed Tuesday. “It could be that these leaves are for a craft project or to make potpourri, but there’s really no way to know,” said boyfriend Ryan Hawkins, adding that Slagle certainly had a plan for the collection of twigs and leaves, given that she had spent the previous weekend methodically collecting the flora and depositing them in a specific spot in their apartment. “I don’t know whether she’s framing them or if it’s like a scrapbooking thing or what, but she did get really mad when I tried to throw them away. Maybe she’s making a wreath or something. Who knows?” At press time, Slagle claimed she was almost finished after gathering a handful of little pine cones from the woods out back.


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