Illustration for article titled Xi Jinping Jails Chinese Tycoon For Failing To Use Sandwich Method Of Constructive Criticism When Condemning Him

BEIJING—In an effort to crack down on overly harsh dissent, President Xi Jinping jailed Chinese real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang Tuesday for failing to use the sandwich method of constructive criticism when condemning him. “He should have started with something nice, slipped in some feedback on my coronavirus response, and then ended on another compliment,” said Xi, who called the businessman’s criticism of his response to the coronavirus outbreak in the nation “hurtful” as well as “unproductive.” “Look, this isn’t how we do things around here. Instead of attacking by calling me ‘a clown stripped of his clothes,’ he should have started with an ‘I’ statement. This is how the Chinese Communist Party has operated for nearly 100 years, and he knows that. Hopefully, this case can serve as an example to other dissidents thinking about criticizing my regime without first praising my work ethic.” At press time, Xi added his critics should always feel welcome to privately talk one-on-one with him.


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