Illustration for article titled Hiker Wandering Through Oregon Forest Enjoying Vibrant Reds And Golds Of Fall

SUMMER LAKE, OR—Saying the blazing orange hues always put him in a certain autumnal state of mind, local hiker Jeff Sanders spent Wednesday morning wandering through an Oregon forest to enjoy the vibrant reds and golds of fall. “Boy, it’s incredible to get out of the city and see the beauty and splendor of nature up close and personal,” said Sanders, exclaiming that he loved the sound of charred leaves crackling below his feet before approaching a nearby birch tree to enjoy the particular warmth of its radiant leaves. “It seems like I get a chance to soak up fall’s spectacular displays a little earlier every year, too. Gosh, it’s so bright, it’s almost blinding!” At press time, Sanders had commented on how wonderful it was to take a deep breath and relish the scents of autumn before doubling over into a coughing fit and collapsing to the ground.


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